Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Beginnings-2nd try

Since my last entry almost 2 years ago, I have struggled to figure out this blog stuff by myself. Thanks to the fact that my techy sister, M, now lives with us, I am learning and doing what she tells me to do, which includes a blog.

The work I've done in Celebrate Recovery since '09 has produced such profound changes in me that my testimony sounds like that of another woman. I'm certainly not all "fixed" but the major wounds and warts remain minimized. These transformations are taking me new places and into new directions, namely full time writing.

The writing life already taxes my serenity as I daily face the frustrations of learning the technologies associated with writing: websites, having a blog, e-books, etc. It's overwhelming to someone who remembers my typewriter and rubber eraser! Stretching hurts. But then so would writing by hand the required 85,000 words for a novel! Therefore, I reluctantly force myself to see the value of a computer, websites, etc. I know the Serenity Prayer will take on a whole new meaning for me.

Newest goal: to have my first novel ready for a publisher by January, 2012. It's the story of an alcoholic grandmother who finds a friendship that restores her hope of reconciling her grieving, embittered family eight years after a car accident kills her grandson and splits the family apart. The temporary title is The Bitter Snow.

Hope you will join me in my continuing journey to maintain and share serenity in every phase of my life.

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  1. Good blog! Keep writing to us. :)