Monday, June 6, 2011

Grace Tested

Last week I expounded on recognizing opportunities to extend grace. I worked on the blog for a couple hours. Later, when my grandson and a friend came to do yard work I took a break. While explaining the chores, I was startled by his friend “Jack” sitting nearby in Buddhist worship pose. I’d often sensed that Jack lacked direction in his life. I had long prayed to know him better and share Christ. There sat my chance.

Instead of suggesting a coke by the pond, I reacted with indignation. “Jack, you can’t do that here.” He looked up with a smile and said “Okay.” Later I returned to check on the yard work. Jack was gone.

My heart hurt. I had rejected the answer to my prayer. Why? Because my agenda ruled my day, not my search for grace moments. I did not consult God for even a second for his perspective. I didn’t consider God’s desire for that confused, aimless young man. God would have enjoyed a chat in the garden.

This loss definitely disturbed my serenity. Regret grayed three days until Jack walked down my driveway toward his friend's house. I called for him and he came. I apologized for my abrupt manner during his last visit. I asked him to please forgive me. He readily did and we hugged. That was grace to me.
How can I avoid a repeat of this?
• Act out of a God-given plan not a reaction to what I perceived as an offense.
* Seek God’s viewpoint.
• Think before I speak.

How can I grow from here?
• Repent of working on my goals and not taking time to seek God’s viewpoint.
• Confess my blindness
• Focus on God’s promise of comfort and redemption of my mistakes.
• Thank Him for more opportunities.
• Pray that light will come into Jack’s life.

Meditate: Read between the lines, listen to the silence, look for the invisible.
What are your thoughts on this? Sharon